Hi All, Welcome to my Blog- Makeup n more!! About me, I am Shyna, an Indian Blogger from Kerala, yes born and settled at “God’s own Country”! This Blog is all about those little things that fascinate me every day, makeup and cosmetics top the chart, and of course the list is long as it would be for any female:- make-up, cosmetics, bags, shoes, fashion and much more. You can find makeup/cosmetics reviews here, and many other miscellaneous things which fascinates me. We all come across numerous blogs which discuss these things but am trying it in my own unique way, all based on my personal experience and view points.

This is in all ways a fun break from my busy professional schedule.. Blogging I feel spreads lots of positive energy as it does for me and I expect my readers to enjoy and relax being at my place. So let’s have fun and discuss everything under the sun!!

Disclaimer: I have distinct view points which will be reflected in whatever I express through this blog, If any products are reviewed it will be based on genuine personal experience, and please note I do not endorse any brands/product lines.


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