Electric Blue Nails-VOV

I am going through a nail paint craze phase nowadays and I pick mostly bright n flashy shades which catch my eye. Here are some pics of my new VOV Nail Paint in Electric Blue!!

I like the shade because it is that perfect blue which I had in my mind and has just the right amount of shimmer but nothing OTT. Shimmer is visible only when you look closely and otherwise it just gives a nice sheen to the nails.

Am liking VOV nail paints mainly because of the wise array of colors available, and quality is decent enough and comparable to higher end brands out there. I like the brush which helps in smooth n even application and with no streaks at all

Am planning to buy more colors and have eyed purple, green and many more. Worth collecting these shades which comes at a reasonable price!!

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9 Responses to Electric Blue Nails-VOV

  1. Neha S. says:

    gorgeous blue!! i love cobalt blue

  2. kuheli says:

    hey shyna, u hav a blog too!!!!! the shade is sooooo pretty. i understand the reason behind so much flaunting. 😛 i would hav done the same. shyna, how much the nailpaint cost? u know, i bought 2 vov nailpaints few days ago, but the bottle of yours is different that mine. i hope i did not buy the fake ones…..:/

    • Shyna says:

      Welcome here Bulbul!!I dont remember the exact price since i bought some 3-4 shades along with other items..but it is <100 for sure.

  3. Arch says:

    love it… amazing color .. u can do pretty preetty nal arts with these colors na….

    • Shyna says:

      Hi Arch…you are right..but somehow am too lazy for nail arts 😦 it requires patience right!

      • Arch says:

        ya.. so true.. i pick up colors n wait to put it b4 i go out with friends but i forget it everyday.. but showing off ur nail art whole day is worth it.. LOL…

  4. Amrin says:

    Hi Shyna,

    I have seen a lot of small stores selling VOV products. I never bought thinking it might not be of good quality. Could you explain some more about the color payoff and lasing power??

  5. Shyna says:

    Hi, i think VOV is one brand which has the most no. of dupes…well, i have many nail paints from vov and have never felt any kind of quality issues like discoloration of nails etc. It stays for 4-5 days without chipping and color payoff is pretty decent too..most higher brand gives similar results but def with a higher price, so this one is worth a try 🙂

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